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Lemonade is a software development company that creates custom solutions to solve complex challenges and drive opportunities in the implementation of companies' digital strategies. Their ultimate goal is to help businesses prosper with innovative technologies and well-crafted software development.

Planique was commissioned to distribute an office space that initially was not suitably structured, since the client needed shared work areas, individual and collective meeting areas and recreational spaces that could be shared by the team.

One of the main challenges was to make the most of the available space on the top floor of the building, taking advantage of the natural lighting and excellent views of the city while at the same time optimising each square metre to obtain an efficient distribution of space.

In this way, an open space was designed through the use of Adapta Plus benches, led by a group of Frames lockers at the entrance of the office, enabling the entire team to have a personal space without occupying their work area.

The space, divided into 3 zones, has a shared work area, another central area occupied by meeting rooms and finally a leisure area, for more informal work and a kitchen/dining area with an outdoor terrace.

Pivoting in the centre of the 3 areas, a generous composition of 60/40 cabinets stands out, designed to store what is most important and needs to be shared by the entire team – a clear example of our WOM philosophy.

The front wall that welcomes visitors instantly conveys the playful atmosphere that reflects the culture and atmosphere of the company, made up of a young and committed team with a positive, calm and cheerful attitude.


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