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Perfumes & Fragrances

Barcelona / Spain
Perfumes and fragrances laboratory
Raquel Blasco
More than 30
Installation products 

A huge flat with high ceilings in the Eixample district of Barcelona, located on the Paseo de Gracia, is the place chosen by this multinational company that creates perfumes and fragrances for industrial uses.

Creams, cosmetics, deodorants, shampoos, air fresheners and everything imaginable with a fragrance is made by companies like this one that has entrusted the furnishing of its facilities to Raquel Blasco.

In these facilities there is a harmonious coexistence between the areas where creative and managerial work is carried out – equipped with Adapta Plus desks, Qbuc pedestals and Duo acoustic panels – and other parts of the laboratory in which Raquel has had to install washing machines, showers and many other kinds of elements necessary for testing the perfumes applied to products with fragrances.

Standing out in various areas of the facilities is the presence of different 60/40 combinations. In this case, the cabinets offer not only a specific storage capacity, but they also serve to convey the image required by the interior design project.

A project that sets itself apart due to the wellness which is conveyed by the brightness of its facilities, the sense of avant-garde and innovation in its work and a unique, difficult to copy clean smell which greets you right when you enter the reception area of the offices.


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