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The Design Workspace


The Ritz opens its doors to offices

Nothing less than the centenary and emblematic Hotel Ritz by the Retiro Park in Madrid hosted on 10 May the first edition of "The Design Workspace", organized by the Spanish Association of Furniture Manufacturers, ANIEME, in collaboration with FAMO.

The first luxury hotel opened in Spain in 1910, by Alfonso XII himself, was the venue for this rendezvous of the main office furniture and equipment brands in the capital of Madrid.

An incomparable setting with a unique history, it managed to bring together such notable manufacturers as Actiu, Böln, Delaoliva, Dileoffice, Dinamobel, Forma5, Mobel Linea, Ofifran and Ofitres.

On this occasion, JG –in addition to sharing exposure with the rest of the brands– was one of the sponsors of the event, promoting an exclusive version for office furniture manufacturers in an event previously organized by ANIEME.

The result could not have been more successful: there were over 400 registrations for an event exclusively aimed at professionals. We are talking about previously registered interested visitors, intent on doing business and not willing to waste time.

The validity of this format is hereby confirmed: one that is made up of a small group of brands which exhibit their main novelties during just one day, in a place that alone is worth visiting, in a pleasant atmosphere where it is easy to establish a casual dialogue with visitors.

Long live the Ritz and this event that we hope will repeat and improve its presentation in future editions, although it already seems that this year's success will be hard to beat.