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  • AMT

    AMT Cabinets are the solution for cabinets with double doors and shelves.

  • PV Plus system are cabinets with side-opening shutter doors that were designed to make maximum use of available space.

  • LP

    LP laminate cabinets offer a wide variety of solutions, colours and sizes.

  • Flip table that combines the practicality of an auxiliary desk with an elegant aesthetic and innovative design, making an element that is 100% useful.

  • The desk configuration also offers the option to include a metal frame in rectangular desks and bench configurations.

  • MAO

    The operational auxiliary module provides personal filing solutions and more usable space for your workstation.

  • CP

    Laminated CP pedestals come in multiple colour combinations to personalise your workspace.

  • Qbuc lets you decide how to organise your personal space: your bag, helmet, smartphone, tablet, food – you can organise your space and prioritise what you really need to work.

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